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Easter Rainbow Pie

Easter Rainbow Pie This vegan pie will make a spectacular centrepiece for Easter gatherings. For the salsa verde ½ x 500g pack prepared puff pastryOne egg, beaten Ingredients 500g Jersey Royal potatoes, sliced to thickness of £1 coin500g butternut squash, peeled and chopped into 2cm cubes4 tbsp olive oilPinch chilli flakes300ml vegan stockFinely grated zest …

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Beef and Chestnut Pot Pies

Beef and Chestnut Pot Pies Celebrate British Pie Week (March 4th-10th) with this great pub classic. For the pie topping ½ x 500g pack prepared puff pastryOne egg, beaten Ingredients 450g lean boneless beef shin, cut into 2.5cm cubes2 tablespoons plain flour seasoned with salt and freshly milled black pepper3 tablespoons rapeseed or sunflower oil1 …

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Mini Egg Cheesecake

Mini Egg Cheesecake This no bake treat is the perfect dessert to whip up for Easter! Ingredients 230g digestive biscuits (crushed)150g melted butter565ml double cream140g icing sugar320g cream cheeseHalf lemon (juiced)560g mini eggs Method Add the crushed biscuits and melted butter to a large mixing bowl and mix well.Add the mixture to an 8” springform …

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Slow Roast Shoulder of Lamb

Slow Roast Shoulder of Lamb Beautifully succulent lamb cooked with vegetables is a real crowd pleaser. Ingredients 1.8kg lean whole shoulder of lambFor the Herb Butter:50g unsalted butter3 garlic cloves, peeled and finely chopped or crushed3 tablespoons freshly chopped rosemary leavesFor the Vegetables:5 small red onions, peeled and cut into wedges4 celery sticks, roughly chopped600ml …

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Asparagus Cheese Toastie

Asparagus Cheese Toastie Celebrate British asparagus season with this delicious twist on a classic toastie. Ingredients Four slices of sourdough breadSoft butter150g sliced cheese, a mixture cooking mozzarella, cheddar and gruyere2tsp olive oil1 bunch asparagus, trimmed and blanched Method Butter the bread on both sides.Layer each piece of bread with the cheese slices.Heat a large …

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Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos This colourful and fresh dish is perfect for the whole family. Ingredients 1 tsp ground cumin1 tsp ground coriander2 tsp smoked paprika2 limes500g white fish fillets, such as cod, haddock or pollack skin and bones removed¼ red cabbage2 large tomatoes2 large avocados2 tbsp vegetable oil8 small corn or wheat tortilla wrapsSmall bunch coriander, chopped1 green chilli, finely sliced, optional100g soured creamChilli sauce, to serve MethodCombine the cumin, coriander, …

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Thai Coconut Soup

Thai Coconut Soup Celebrate Veganuary with this spicy Thai-inspired soup. Ingredients For the paste2 shallots halved1.5tbsp fresh ginger sliced0.5 tbsp ground tumeric1.5 tbsp coriander seeds4 cardamom pods – remove the pods to leave just the seeds2 cloves garlic1 tsp curry powder1 tsp fermented soybean paste (or 1 tbsp of nori/seaweed, or just omit altogether)4 tbsp …

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Super Smoothie Bowl

Super Smoothie Bowl This fruity bowl of goodness is a great way to start your day. Ingredients Four bananasGreek yogurt 340g2 teaspoons honey3 teaspoons cocoa powder40g blackberries ToppingsChocolate chips to tasteFruits to tasteChia seeds to tastePeanut butter to taste Method Blend all the ingredients together in the blender and pour into a bowl. Garnish with your favourite toppings. Recipe …

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Mince Pies

Mince Pies Welcome to the only mince pie recipe you need for Christmas. Ingredients IngredientsBillington’s Unrefined Demerara Sugar, for sprinkling2 x 375g ready-rolled shortcrust pastryFlour, for dustingAn egg yolk, for glazing   For the mincemeat60g Billington’s Unrefined Molasses Sugar25g blanched almonds25g pecans1 orange, grated zest and juice1 lemon, grated zest50g ready-to-eat dried figs25g ready-to-eat dried …

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