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Spring into Action

As the days get brighter and longer, spring into action in your garden and start your seasonal tidy-up. Embrace the changing season by giving your outdoor space the attention it deserves. A well-maintained garden not only looks beautiful but also provides a healthy environment for plants to thrive.

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Discover Our Range of Spring Tidy Up Tools

Clean Up Fallen Leaves

A good place to start is cleaning up fallen leaves. Our rake with built-in grabbers makes this task easy and mess-free. Efficient and user-friendly, this tool helps you collect leaves without the hassle, keeping your garden neat and tidy.

Neaten Up Your Borders

To create a crisp, clean look, start by removing any weeds around your lawn edges. This simple step will instantly refresh the appearance of your garden and prepare the ground for further maintenance work.

Refresh Your Borders with Mulch

Adding mulch to your borders not only enhances the aesthetics of your garden but also improves plant growth and adds vital nutrients to the soil.


  • Compost: Great all-around mulch that enriches the soil.
  • Farmyard Manure: Adds essential nutrients to your borders.
  • Bark Nuggets: Perfect for a more decorative look.
  • Homemade Compost: Utilise your own compost for a sustainable option.
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It’s worth getting well kitted out with a good set of pruning tools.
All available in our Gardening and Wildlife department. 

Early Spring Pruning

Start your early spring pruning on plants like hydrangeas. Cut back to the new growth to provide the best start for the spring bloom. Be sure to have sharp secateurs on hand to make clean cuts and promote healthy growth.

And you're set for spring!

With these steps, your garden will be in perfect shape to welcome the warmer months. Enjoy the beauty and satisfaction of a well-tended garden all season long.

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