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Baked Chicken and Spring Pasta

Baked Chicken and Spring Pasta A healthy and affordable dish for the whole family to enjoy. Ingredients 4 chicken thighs100ml water200g frozen peas250ml cream250g asparagus cut into bite-sized pieces200g snap peas cut on the bias50g Parmesan cheeseHandful fresh basil leaves500g fettucine Method Chicken thighs Preheat oven to 225°C (regular oven). Place the chicken thighs in …

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Spiced Gin Cocktail

Spiced Gin Cocktail Celebrate World Cocktail Day with a touch of spice! Ingredients 60ml Cuckoo Spiced Gin20ml lime juice15ml ginger syrup2 dashes of Angostura Bitters15ml egg whiteGinger slice or crystalised ginger garnishHibiscus flower Method Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker. Add ice and shake for 15 seconds. Double strain your cocktail into a glass …

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Pruning Tools

Pruning Tools Pruning is an important job in the garden  – it helps to keep plants in shape, encourages the production of fruit and flowers and can help to prevent disease. So it’s worth getting well kitted out with a good set of pruning tools. All available in our Gardening and Wildlife department.  Secateurs A …

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Frost Protection

Frost Protection We’ve all been caught out by a sudden frost. We’ve all been caught out by a sudden frost. Fear not though as there are plenty of ways to prepare for sub-zero temperatures. We have a great range of products from October to February to protect your plants from the winter chill.  Learn More …

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Winter Haven

Winter Haven Winter can be a very challenging time of year for our furry and feathered friends. The good news is there are lots of things you can do to lend a helping hand. Here are some of the best ways you can provide wildlife with a safe and comfortable shelter throughout the colder months. …

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