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Frost Protection

We’ve all been caught out by a sudden frost, view our frost protection techniques!

Fear not though as there are plenty of ways to prepare for sub-zero temperatures with our frost protection advice. We have a great range of products from October to February to protect your plants from the winter chill. 

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On the Move In From the Cold

Most hardy plants will survive a British winter but some tender souls will be much happier relocating indoors or a greenhouse until the frosty nights have passed. You might want to think about packing away Dahlia’s.

Topping Off

A good thick application of mulch will protect plants from frost. Suitable mulching materials include straw, garden compost, chipped bark or well-rotted manure. Don’t leave it too late. Sooner rather than later!

Keep the Fleece

Fleeces help to prevent windy and frosty weather from damaging your plants. You can also double-layer it for extra frost protection, and can be used beneath glass or plastic cloches and in cold frames and greenhouses for added insulation.

Take Cover

Cloches are a cheap and simple way to shield your plants from the chilly temperatures. They act like mini portable greenhouses for your precious vegetables and can prolong the growing season. Remember you will need to water plants under cover.

Frame Work

A cold frame will be several degrees warmer than the outside temperature so will give your plants a better chance of surviving a cold snap. You can also use a cold frame to protect alpines from rotting in wet weather.

When a sudden frost is forecast, it’s important to act quickly to prevent damage to your beloved plants. We stock a wide selection of products to help protect plants from the harsh British winter. Just remember to keep a close eye on the weather forecast!