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Winter Haven

Winter can be a very challenging time of year for our furry and feathered friends.

The good news is there are lots of things you can do to lend a helping hand. Here are some of the best ways you can provide wildlife with a safe and comfortable shelter throughout the colder months.

Go Wild

Allow leaves, twigs and sticks to pile up under hedges or in borders. This can create a cosy home for hedgehogs and dormice to hibernate. The leaves will also shelter insects, which will become food for those insects as the leaves decompose.

Mobile Homes

There’s a special habitat for all of the creatures living in your garden. We have squirrel houses, tawny owl boxes, ladybird and insect homes, hedgehog boxes and more! Each home is specially designed to provide a safe and cosy haven during winter.

Grow Evergreen

Evergreen trees, shrubs and ground covers can also provide shelter for wildlife. Plant evergreen landscaping such as Junipers, hollies, pines and arborvitaes in dense layers to create thicker cover and more robust shelter.

Hedgehog Highway

Hedgehogs and other animals will only come to your garden if they can get in. If you have hedges there will be natural gaps but if your garden is fenced, make a 13cm wide hole in the bottom of it somewhere, so that wildlife can crawl in and out.

Robin Redbreasts

Britain’s most festive bird is such a welcome sight at this time of year. We have a selection of products designed to encourage robins into your garden including special bird food mixes, treat trays and small bird feeders.

Feeding Time

In our Gardening and Wildlife department we have a range of feeding solutions! For example, we have hedgehog’s bites and a special blend. For squirrels we have specially formulated snacks. This is in addition to the range of bird feed we have on offer.

Small steps can make a big difference to wildlife in winter. From putting out extra bird feed to leaving a pile of leaves to gather, it’s easy to help a diverse range of creatures thrive during the colder months.