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Will's Wisdom Collection

Welcome to Will’s Wisdom!

Introducing Will’s Wisdom: a page filled with videos featuring Will, our Outside Plant Manager, and his team. From growing your own tomatoes to creating an alpine tower and caring for water features, these videos offer practical tips and expert advice. Watch and learn! 

Outside Plant Area

Have a listen to our range of Will’s Wisdom’s! Our plant expert and his team share their helpful top tips for your outdoor space!
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World Bee Day!

🐝✨It’s world bee day, and we’re ‘BUZZING’ here at Barton Grange✨🐝 See Will and Ryan’s top tips to attract pollinators into your garden this summer!! Click here for more.
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Growing Tomatoes Made Easier

Follow Ash’s guide to the ultimate tomato set up for growing your tomato plants this spring. But don’t walk, run! Because they’ll be here today, gone tomato!  Click here for more.
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Solar Water Features Made Easier

Learn from Matt about our Solar Water features. 

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How to Create an Alpine Tower

Caroline takes Alpines to the next level with her easy alpine tower! Click here for the step-by-step instructions.

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Clean your Water Feature

Routine maintenance and cleaning for your water feature is essential! Click here for more.

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Shady Herb Planter Made Easier

You don’t need lots of space to grow a plentiful crop of fresh herbs. An easy way to get started is by building a herb planter which you can fill with lots of different varieties. Click here for more.

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Pond Containers Made Easier

One of the best ways you can attract more wildlife into your garden is by creating a mini pond from a container. Click here for more.

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Growing Potatoes Made Easier

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started with those green fingers, here’s what you need to know. Click here for more.

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