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Planting Alpine Bowls

If you’re new to gardening and want to start with plants that require very little maintenance, an alpine bowl is the ideal solution. As the name suggests, alpine plants come from mountain regions, so they’re used to tough conditions. They are small, slow growing and extremely hardy. Their compact size makes them ideal for small gardens and containers.

Step by step guide

  • Choose a container with plenty of drainage holes in the base, so the compost never gets waterlogged.
  • Fill the bowl with 50:50 compost to grit mix.
  • Using one of our alpine selection packs, plant the larger alpine in the centre of the pot.
  • Finish off generously covering the soil with alpine grit and water well.

Watch as we create an alpine tower!

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We have a whole room in our Plant Area dedicated to alpine planting. Some good choices for beginners include Creeping Thyme, Sedums, Dianthus and Primula. Let our friendly team help you find all the materials you need to create your alpine planter.