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Making a Strawberry Planter!

Nothing says summer like a bowl of freshly picked strawberries. The good news is they are easy to grow in beds, containers or hanging baskets. There are summer-fruiting, perpetual and alpine types to choose from, with delicious varieties of each. If you plant several different types, you can have a fresh crop of berries from early summer right through to autumn.

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Step by step guide

  • Plant in spring or autumn.
  • Pick a suitable trough.
  • Fill with peat free multi-purpose compost.
  • Plant four strawberry plants.
  • Place in a sunny spot.
  • Water and feed regularly throughout the growing season.
  • Harvest when fruits are red all over.
  • Replace plants every three or four years by planting fresh plants or propagating new plants from runners.
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Q4 All Purpose Plant Food

Our top choice for feeding your strawberries is Q4 All-Purpose Fertiliser! You can find it in our Gardening and Wildlife department and greenhouse!

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There‚Äôs nothing fresher than homegrown produce! 

So head over to our outside plant area this month to find a selection of small strawberry plants that are ready to pot on so you can grow and enjoy these juicy family favourites throughout the summer months.

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