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Caring for Houseplants

Everything you need when caring for houseplants.

Find everything you need to keep your houseplants happy and healthy in our plant care display. To help make choosing the correct products easier, we’ve divided the products into six specific categories. This includes care products for Bonsai Trees, Orchids, Cacti, Flowering Plants, Foliage Plants and Terrariums. With a wide selection of plant foods, watering solutions, pruning tools, re-potting mixes and much more, you can pick up all you need in one handy location.

Watering is the most important factor to get right when it comes to Bonsai. Research your plant variety and always be careful not to overwater. Most Bonsai prefer a soil mixture of akadama, pumice and lava rock. Fertilizing regularly during the growing season is also crucial to growing success.

Most orchids prefer bright to indirect light and enjoy a humid atmosphere so mist the foliage every two to three days if you can. Overwatering is the most common way to kill an orchid. They typically need water twice a week in the warmer months and only once a week in the colder months.

Cacti are a desert plant so dry soil suits them fine. Water sparingly and leave long breaks in between watering. Also make sure to provide proper sun exposure and use a low-nitrogen fertilizer. Keeping your cactus free from pests, dirt and dust will help them to thrive. 

Top tip: When there are two branches at the same height on the trunk, cut one and keep the other.

Top tip: If the tips of the leaves turn black it means the temperature isn’t right – either it’s too high or too low or the orchid is in a draught.  

Top tip: Rotate your plant regularly to ensure all sides get enough sun.

Foliage Plants
Place foliage plants in a sunny room with indirect, natural light. A south facing window is the perfect spot. Water when the soil feels dry to the touch and add fertilizer in spring and summer only. A bit of grooming is always a good idea so regularly remove any dead leaves.

Flowering Plants
As a general rule, most flowering houseplants will need more light than foliage plants. They tend to need around two to three hours of sunlight a day to flower. Aim to water every one to two weeks. Just make sure you keep the soil humid but never soggy.

Watering Cans & Misting
Not only are watering cans simple to use, they also allow you to target your watering so you give plants the right amount of water exactly where they need it. Misting your houseplants can be helpful to hydrate the leaves, cool the plant down in warm temperatures and regulate water absorption.

Top tip: Keep an eye out for new baby plants in your pot which can be planted in a new container.

Top tip: Many flowering houseplants must be kept humid so try misting regularly.

Top tip: You should mist in the morning, taking care to spray the tops and bottoms of the leaves, and aim for a nice, light coating.