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Lechuza Self-Watering Containers

Never under or over water again.

Watering your plants has never been easier thanks to Lechuza’s simple self-watering pots. Combining function with design, this clever system ensures plants receive the right amount of water and nutrients needed for optimum growth.

Dedicated Self-Watering Section

We’ve an extensive range of Self-Watering pots to choose from in our houseplants department. These clever self-watering containers are grouped together so you can explore all different shapes, sizes and styles, plus added accessories, in one easy to shop location. Our dedicated display uses a diagram to clearly explain how this ingenious self-watering system works! Lechuza pots are perfect for those new to houseplants, people with busy lifestyles, and office settings. By following the self-watering container guide, you’ll never over or under water your plant again!
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Our Lechuza Collection

We’ve summarised our range of Lechuza indoor pots below. 

For The Coffee Table

Puro Colour 2.0

A spherical self-watering planter, is sure to stand out on any coffee table or side table. Its woven design adds a decorative touch, lending it a modern and trendy appearance.

The Original

The Original

A perfect choice for any household with its classic silhouette. Its understated matte hues and contemporary design seamlessly integrate into any setting, be it the living room, hallway or kitchen. Available in many sizes, this stylish planter is versatile, fitting perfectly on shelves, window sills, side tables, and smaller surfaces.

The Statement Piece

Classico Premium

The elegant planter’s timeless design accentuates plants, showcasing them beautifully. The large size is perfect for plants like a Yucca that really add a statement to any room in your house.

A Table Centre Piece

Cubeto Stone 3.0

This bowl planter’s flat shape provides ample space for imaginative plant displays perfect for a table centre piece. Its timeless design and natural stone appearance add versatility, allowing for various creative arrangements.

For The Windowsill


Windowsills are more often than not the go to place to add greenery to pretty much any room in the home without taking up additional space.

How it Works:

Lechuza pots have a built-in water reservoir which the potted plant sits on. Pour water into the reservoir via the water supply shaft and monitor the water level using the water level indicator. The plant will draw water from the reservoir when it needs it and the indicator will let you know when next to add water.

All pots from this range include a small bag of Lechuza-Pon, an alternative soil substrate filled with nutrients that is used to line the bottom of the planter. Unlike soil, Lechuza-Pon won’t clump together ensuring good drainage and air flow and preventing waterlogging. 

Lechuza pots adapt to the plant, so you can grow any plant you want inside a Lechuza self-watering pot.