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The simple solution to healthier houseplants.


The majority of houseplants love high humidity. A humid environment helps keep the leaves green and the plant healthy. The most simple way of boosting humidity for your houseplants is by misting with lukewarm water once or twice a week. 

It is so important for plant care and encouraging healthy growth couldn’t be easier! For this reason, we have a dedicated display of mist sprayers in our Houseplant department for you to choose from in various colours, shapes and sizes. 

Shop our display to find the perfect sprayer and to discover our best misting tips to keep your houseplants happy. 

Everything You Need to Care For...

Misting is the simple solution to healthier plants! But you can also find everything you need when caring for your houseplants in our plant care display. To help make choosing the correct products easier, we’ve divided the products into six specific categories. This includes care products for Bonsai Trees, Orchids, Cacti, Flowering Plants, Foliage Plants and Terrariums. With a wide selection of plant foods, watering solutions, pruning tools, re-potting mixes and much more, you can pick up all you need in one handy location.

Dave's Raves

We’ve put together a helpful tutorial for you learn the importance of misting with Dave! 

The vast majority of houseplants require humidity spray once or twice a week with lukewarm water. It encourages healthier growth and helps control pests like red spider mites.

It really couldn’t be easier!
Watch the video! 


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