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Our Houseplant Collection

From Succulents to Ferns: find your green inspiration in our Houseplant Collection.

From air plants to Bonsai trees and orchides, our houseplant collection is filled with a stunning range of houseplants available at different times during the year. With each section clearly defined and featuring gorgeous planted displays, you’ll discover so many inspirational ideas to recreate in your own home.

Air Plants

Air plants are fun, versatile and unusual houseplants that only need air to grow. You’ll find a stand dedicated to air plants and accessories in our houseplant department.

Air Purifying Houseplants

Help to filter out toxic chemicals and keep your home fresh with our choice of air purifying houseplants. Look out for the ‘Air So Pure’ label in store to find the best air purifying houseplants.

Bonsai Trees

Shop our dedicated display of Zen items, including indoor water features, statues, Lucky Bamboo and slow growing dwarf Bonsai Trees for that calming feeling. 

Cacti and Succulents

Explore our vast variety of spiky specimens from all around the world in our dedicated Cacti and Succulent room. They range from miniature to mighty in size. Being low maintenance, they are an excellent choice for those new to houseplants.

Carnivorous Houseplants

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of meat-eating plants great for keeping bugs at bay. We’ve a selection of miniature varieties in store all grouped together in one location.

Flowering Houseplants

Discover a range of bold and beautiful blooms! Anthurium and Peace Lily are old favourites that can be found all year round, with seasonal flowers also available throughout different times of the year. All flowering plants are grouped in ranges so you can shop each variety with ease. 

Foliage Houseplants

We’ve an extensive collection of lush green foliage plants as well those with distinctive and more decorative leaves. Our foliage plants are grouped by variety so you can browse our library hassle-free! If you’re a houseplant collector, our foliage section is the place to look for those rare varieties!

Hanging Houseplants

Get creative with our amazing choice of popular trailing foliage plants. Follow the path around the canopy to see our full range of hanging plants in all different lengths and sizes.

Large Houseplants

Fill an empty corner in your home, make a big design statement or even admire the potential of those smaller versions with our growing collection of large, leafy houseplants. 


Orchids are one of our specialties. Discover our display of colourful Moth Orchids in store which are available to shop all year round. 

Terrarium Houseplants

Terrarium plants are miniature varieties which enable you to get creative with container planting. You’ll find a whole room dedicated to terrarium planting, along with a step by step guide for building your own, in our houseplant department. 

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