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Seasonal Plants

Enjoy a blooming garden all year round.

From bedding plants and hanging baskets, to herbs and vegetable plants, our Outside Plant Area department is filled with a stunning range of seasonal plants available at different times during the year. With each section clearly defined and featuring gorgeous planted displays, you’ll discover so many inspirational ideas to recreate in your own garden.

Bedding Plants

From bedding plants and hanging baskets, to herbs and vegetable plants, you’ll find a stunning range of seasonal plants available in store throughout the year. Our famous plant displays are designed to inspire you to create your own show-stopping flower beds!


Perfect for window boxes or raised beds, these cut and come again plants produce a steady supply of fresh herbs to use in your cooking. They also add a lovely scent to your garden. We stock a range of single pots or classic selections of different herb varieties.

Patio Plants

A few well-placed pots and hanging baskets can transform any outdoor space into something extra special. From May to June, we offer an assortment of small patio plants to fill your containers. Find an amazing array of colour combinations, styles and sizes to create your perfect floral display.

Planted Containers

Our stunning range of ready planted containers and hanging baskets are available throughout the year. They have all been grown and planted at our own nursery just up the road to guarantee premium freshness and quality so you can enjoy blooms that last!

Planting Bulbs

With a bit of forward planning, bulbs can add a swathe of brilliant colour and scent to your garden throughout the seasons. Plant spring bulbs such as daffodils, hyacinth and tulips in autumn and summer bulbs like dahlias, lilies and gladioli in spring. They are always worth the wait!


The humble spud is one of the easiest veg to grow. There are so many varieties, so why not choose one not readily available in the supermarkets? Even if you have limited space, they will happily grow in containers or bags. Chit your seed potatoes before planting for a bumper crop.


Strawberries thrive in well-drained soil and full sunshine. As they start to flower, water regularly and feed with a high potash feed every week. Put straw under the developing fruit to lift them off the soil. Once picked, eat as soon as possible for the sweetest flavour!



Nothing beats the taste of fresh produce grown in your own garden. From March to August, discover a choice of vibrant vegetable plants beneath the windows in our greenhouse. These are ready to plant out directly into beds, containers or in pots on your windowsill.

Christmas Trees and Wreaths

Our freshly cut Christmas trees arrive in store in early December. Find them grouped together in variety and height to make choosing your perfect tree a little easier. We also sell a range of Christmas wreaths to give your home the wow factor during the festive season.