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Houseplant of the Month

Houseplant of the month for February...


Primroses are fun and cheerful flowering plants suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Part of the Primula family, they always deliver a much-needed burst of colour at this time of year. We have a huge selection of primroses to choose from in every shade under the sun! A top tip is to place your plant in bright indoor light but avoid direct sun.

The peace lily, or Spathiphyllum, is one of the most popular houseplants we sell thanks to its striking good looks and easy-going nature. Being rainforest plants, they like a warm, humid and semi-shaded environment. Peace lilies are very good at letting you know when they need watering as they’ll start to wilt. All they need is a bit of water and some TLC to make them blooming happy again!​

Caring for your Bromeliad:

Mist your Bromeliad at least twice a week to maintain high humidity for healthier growth.

We recommend adding 5 – 10 drops of Baby Bio houseplant food each time you water for healthier, brighter and longer lasting blooms.

When it comes to repotting your Bromeliad, use Houseplant Focus Repotting Mix. This peat-free compost will provide your plant with added nutrients.