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Decorative Pots

Pair your plants with the perfect pot.

Choosing the right container will help your houseplants both look and feel their best. Here at Barton Grange, we stock an extensive collection of stylish pots and hanging planters in a myriad of different colours and decorative finishes. If you need a helping hand, our friendly houseplant team can advise on the best pot sizes and materials for your chosen plants.

Colour Coordinated Displays

To make it easier for you, our pots are assembled according to colour so you can quickly find one to suit your interior scheme. There are oranges and yellows, blues and greens, pastel pinks and lilacs, neutral shades, floral patterns, blacks and golds, and much more. With so much choice, you’re sure to find a chic home for your favourite plants!

Our Houseplant Pot Collection

We’ve summarised our range of Houseplant indoor pots below. 


It’s important to grow your bonsai pots in the right environment so you can nurture your miniature trees. These pots provide excellent drainage and are crafted to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bonsai.

Ceramic Decorative

Our ceramic decorative pots are designed to add a touch of elegance to any space. Available in a variety of colors and intricate patterns, they are perfect for showcasing your favorite plants.

Ceramic Plain

For a minimalist look, choose from our range of ceramic plain pots. These pots are versatile and stylish, making them an ideal choice for any home

Large Pots

Discover our large pots, perfect for statement plants. These sturdy pots are built to support substantial growth and add a bold touch

Orchid Pots

Specially designed for orchids, our orchid pots ensure optimal airflow and drainage. They provide the perfect environment to keep your orchids healthy and blooming.

Plastic Pots

Our plastic pots are lightweight and durable, ideal for indoor areas.  Available in various sizes and colours, they are a practical choice for any gardening enthusiast.


Keep your plants hydrated with our self-watering Lechuza pots, which provide consistent moisture levels. These innovative pots are perfect for busy gardeners who want to ensure their plants thrive.

Plant Pot Stands

Enhance the display of your potted plants with our stylish plant pot stands. Available in various designs and heights, they elevate your plants for better visibility and aesthetic appeal.

Tiny Plant Pots

For your tiny plants we have tiny pots to match! Comes in a range of colours and a range of textures. 


Our wicker pots combine rustic charm with natural beauty, making them perfect for indoor plants. These stylish pots add a cosy, organic feel to any space.

Pot Accessories

Complete your gardening setup with our range of pot accessories, including decorative toppers. These accessories add a finishing touch to your pots.