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The Sowers Club

Growing your own plant from a seed is really fun and rewarding.

 In our Wildlife and Gardening department you’ll discover a huge selection of seeds as well as everything you need to help them grow. Each area is clearly signposted so you can search for everything from pots to propagators, and cold frames to cloches.

Watch Ryan's video on making planting your seeds easier this spring with seed cells!

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Seed Compost

Don’t forget to pick up your seed sowing compost! They’re perfect for fast, healthy germination and feeds for the first 3 weeks. 

Found in our Greenhouse by the composting area.

Seeding Made Easier

Our handy displays can help make sowing seeds easier:

  • Choose which SeedCell you would like to grow.
  • Place in a pot with some seeding compost and water.
  • Watch as the SeedCell pod biodegrades and your plant grows.

Our Growing Centre

All you need for sowing and growing!

We have a wide range of seed trays and cells with mix and match lids to suit everyone’s needs.

Ask any of our friendly staff for more help and support if you need it.


In our Gardening and Wildlife department, you’ll find a range of planting accessories including seedling labels, seed packet storage containers and planting rulers.

Everything you need to get started… 

Seed Selection

In our Gardening and Wildlife department, you’ll find a diverse collection of seed packets ranging from vegetables to flowers! 

Each packet has instructions and sowing guides to assist you.

Ready, Steady, Sow!

Head to our Gardening and Wildlife Department to find a cute collection of Mr Men and Little Miss Seeds for younger gardeners. With a fantastic choice of easy-to-grow fruit, vegetables and flowers, they are a great way to get kids sowing and growing.

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