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Ryan's Reels Collection

Welcome to Ryan’s Reels! 

Meet Ryan, our dedicated Gardening and Wildlife Manager with a green thumb and a passion for helping you with your garden care, vegetable and flower seeds, encouraging wildlife into your garden, caring for your furry friends and much more! 

Gardening and Wildlife

Have a listen to Ryan’s Reels and his helpful top tips!

Ryan's Reels - Touch Screen Gloves

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The perfect gardening essential tool for multi-tasking with ease! Listen to Ryan’s advice with our Touch Screen Gloves!

Ryan's Top Tip: Frost Protection

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Listen to our valuable insights and practical tips for safeguarding plants against freezing temperatures.

Is It Time For Your Autumn Clean-Up

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In Ryan’s video on autumn clean-up, he provides helpful tips and efficient tools for tidying up your outdoor spaces! 

Ryan's Top Tips: World Bee Day

Here we expertly outline the top methods to attract bees to your garden for World Bee Day. 

Q4: All Purpose Plant Food

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Watch Ryan showcase Q4’s effectiveness in promoting robust growth and vibrant health across a wide range of plants.

Ryan's Top 5 Gardening Essentials

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We’re highlighting must-have items for easy gardening, ranging from protective items to essentials for digging.

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