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Be inspired by our Sensory Garden

The team have been hard at work beautifully designing a Sensory Room that promises to captivate and stimulate the senses to inspire you to recreate in your own garden. Whether you seek to add a peaceful retreat to your garden or an exciting educational section for your children, our Sensory Room can help you. Explore a space where colour, sound, scent, taste and touch can work together.


Lavender: Planting lavender will add a splash of calming purple to your Sensory Room. Its soft hues are visually soothing and its delicate blossoms add elegance to your outdoor space.


Water Feature: Incorporating a water feature or a pond container, can introduce the gentle, soothing sounds of flowing water.

For more inspiration and to explore our range of water features, visit our Water Features Page. Or step in to our Outdoor Plant Area, where you’ll discover three plinths dedicated to showcasing our mains and solar powered water features. Each are displayed and running so you can see it in action, making the choice easier for you!

To help you get started, we’ve created a detailed video on how to create a pond container. Watch our video here.


Philadelphus ‘Little White Love’ or Pittosporum Tobira: Both of these plants are excellent choices for adding delightful fragrances to your Sensory Room. Philadelphus ‘Little White Love’ is known for its sweet, citrusy scent, while Pittosporum tobira offers a refreshing, jasmine-like fragrance.


Herbs: Incorporating a variety of herbs such as mint, basil, rosemary, or thyme can ignite the sense of taste. Our herbs have their own dedicated area with a wide-ranging selection. These herbs can be used in cooking or for making teas, adding both a functional and sensory-rich element to your garden. Watch our video on how you can create a herb planter here.


Senecio Angel Wings: The soft, velvety leaves of Senecio Angel Wings are perfect for a tactile experience. Their silvery-white foliage not only looks stunning but also invites gentle touch, making them a wonderful addition to any sensory garden.

Take your time exploring anything that catches your eye! If you need any assistance or would like some personalised suggestions to make your space even more special, our friendly team is here to help! Just ask.

A spot of gardening isn’t just a great physical workout, it also benefits your mental health. 
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