Open Today:
9am – 5pm

Free NHS Health Checks
with Kepple Lane Pharmacy

Event Dates: Coming Soon 
Time: 10am – 3:30pm

Kepple Lane Pharmacy will be providing Free NHS Health Checks in the Green Room at Barton Grange over a period of two days. 

Helping you prevent:

• Diabetes
• Heart Disease
• Kidney Disease
• Stroke and Dementia

This is available to anyone who meets the following criteria:

• Aged 40 – 74
• Not already seeing your GP with diabetes or a heart or kidney condition
• Not had an NHS Health Check in the last 5 years
• Live or work in Lancashire

Each assessment takes only 15 – 20 minutes and is carried out
by the trained team.

For more information about this, please contact
on 01995 607399 or email [email protected]