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Pots and Containers

Pair your plants with the perfect pot.

Designed to create a warm welcome at your doorstep or brighten up a patio, we have a stunning selection of pots and containers for every space. At Barton Grange Garden Centre, we have a wide range of chic outdoor pots and hanging containers, available in various effects and patterns. If you need a helping hand, our friendly team can advise on the best pot sizes and materials for your chosen plants and trees.

Categorised Displays

Most outdoor plants and trees can be planted into pots, you just have to choose the right size! To make it easier for you, our pots and containers are assembled according to affect including: slate, natural stone, plastic pots, terracotta pots, glazed, colourful and patterned and so much more so you can quickly pick one to suit your garden décor scheme. With so much choice, you’re sure to find a chic new home for your favourite plants and trees. Find a selection in our Outdoor Plant Area and Greenhouse!

Discover the benefits of pot toppers:

  • Enhanced Water Retention: Pot toppers significantly improve soil water retention by reducing evaporation, particularly in warm weather.
  • Weed Control: They effectively deter weeds from growing, keeping your plants healthier and your garden looking pristine.
  • Decorative Appeal: Add a stylish finishing touch to your potted plants with a variety of decorative options, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your space.

Looking for inspiraton?

If you’re seeking inspiration for your pot, explore our array of seasonal plants and trees.
Visit our advice center nestled within our outdoor plant area for expert guidance from our team on ideal planting options.
We’ve also got a handy video to show  you how to create a herb garden, grown in pots, at home! Take a look.