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Italian Trees

We are committed to bringing you trees and plants of the highest standard. The quality is so important to us that each season our Plant Area Manager, Will Clark, hand picks the stock we sell from the Pistoia region in Tuscany. 

The plants we source from Italy are predominantly large, established trees that are often over 10 years old. We can even take requests from customers if there is a special tree you would like us to source for you.

The luxury of planting mature trees in the garden means you achieve instant screening for privacy, or gain a stunning standalone feature to admire. Plus, mature trees are great for wildlife! 

In the plant area this season you will discover Conifers, specimen trees, Shrubs, Hedging, and plenty of Topiary.

It’s extremely important to water and feed your trees in the garden to help them take root, giving them the best start in their new home.

Our experienced Plant Area team is always happy to share advice and tips to help you grow with success!