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Italian Trip Success!

Our Plant Area team recently travelled to Pistoia in Tuscany to handpick some beautiful trees for 2024. We source our trees from Italy because when it comes to large specimens, the Italians grow the best in Europe. The increased light levels help the plants to grow much quicker which allows our growers to achieve larger plants in a shorter period of time. This means you can plant fully grown trees that will make an instant impact in your garden.

Will and Matt spent two days touring the region, visiting the best nurseries to tag their chosen trees. Expect to see lots of viburnum, cherry blossom, magnolia, Japanese maple and wisteria in store. We also found some really unique and exciting individual plant specimens.

Will’s top new finds for 2024 are:

Cercis ‘Ruby Falls’ – This weeping cultivar already stands at 2m tall and wide. The deep lavender-pink flowers appear before the foliage in spring.

Pleached Viburnum Tinus – With screening becoming very popular it was nice to find this beautiful shrub trained onto a square top trellis. Its white scented flowers are always a lovely sight to behold.