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Garden Care

Keep your garden looking bloomin' gorgeous!

Gardens need TLC to encourage them to stay healthy and looking their best. In our Gardening and Wildlife department we have divided products into dedicated categories to make it easier for you to care for your plants and lawn. Throughout the year, you will find different displays showcasing select products and jobs, with plenty of helpful tips designed to give you a helping hand.

Garden Tools

Find the right tool to make light work of every job including pruning, lawn edging, weeding and more. We’ve selected a collection of durable and hard-wearing tools from trusted brands that are built to last year after year.

Gardening Gloves and Shoes

Keep safe, dry and protected whatever the weather thanks to our practical range of garden wear. We sell a wide choice of gardening clogs, wellies and gloves. Our friendly team is on hand to help you find the perfect pair!

Water Butts and Watering Cans

Ensure your garden is well hydrated with our wide selection of watering solutions. Our choice of water butts includes slimline versions for smaller gardens. And you’ll find plastic or metal watering cans in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Hosepipes and Connectors

Find the best hosepipes and connectors for all your gardening needs from leading brands including Hozelock and Gardena. We also stock all the essential accessories including sprinklers, spray guns and hose reels.

Plant Food

Help your plants thrive with our high-quality selection of fertilisers and plant food. We recommend Vitax Q4 which contains all the foods and trace elements essential for vigorous growth. There is also a range of specialist products for specific plant groups.

Lawn Care

Our premium-quality lawn feed products will ensure your lawn gets all the nutrients it needs to flourish. We also stock weed control and moss killers, lawn seed and seed spreaders to keep your garden looking its best all year round.

Pest Control

Keep garden pests at bay with our selection of pest control products from leading brands including Protect Garden, Nippon and Vitax. We stock everything from slug protection to mouse traps to help deter unwanted guests.

Weed Control

We stock a wide range of products to help you win the war on weeds, including both glyphosate and non-glyphosate options. Choose from a variety of different application methods, depending on your preference. Our friendly team can help you find the best solution for your garden.

Weed Membrane

Landscaping fabrics offer a good long-term and cost-effective solution to weed control. There are woven or non-woven fabrics for different gardening projects. We also offer a choice of pre-packed rolls or a cut-to-size option so you buy exactly the amount you need.

Plant Supports and Trellis

Many plants benefit from extra support to reach their full potential. Find high quality and decorative structures to lend support to every size of plant including obelisks, archways and trellises. There are metal, rattan, bamboo and rustic willow options to suit your garden style.

Frost Protection

We’ve all been caught out by a sudden frost. Fear not though as there are plenty of ways to prepare for sub-zero temperatures. We have a great range of products from October to February to protect your plants from the winter chill.