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Cat Care

We’ve sourced a collection of the finest products from many of the UK’s leading brands for our lovely feline friends. Find cool collars, cosy beds, play tunnels, scratch mats and much more! Serve meals up in style with our choice of cat bowls and mats and make playtime a ball with our fun collection of cat toys. There’s also a selection of grooming tools to ensure your cat looks and feels a million dollars!

Cat Beds

We stock a selection of cat beds including igloo and basket options to ensure your felines get the purr-fect night’s sleep.

Cat Treats

Reward them with treats that are both tasty and good for them. We only stock the finest quality products for your pets.

Cat Bowls

Our range of colourful cat bowls and placemats will make meal times a pleasure!


Treat them to hours of fun with our fantastic range of cat toys including feather teasers, furry mice, play tunnels, cat scratchers and much more!

Scratching Posts

Provide a place to keep your feline’s claws strong and healthy with our range of scratching posts in a variety of sizes.


Find brushes, clippers and combs for a spot of at-home pampering for your gorgeous felines.