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Pet Care

Discover the best quality pet products.

Animals are part of the family here at Barton Grange and we have everything to keep your pets healthy and happy.

Doting on your dogs

We have baskets, beds and blankets for snuggling up in; toys for indoor, outdoor and water play; and snacks and treats for all types of breeds. There is also a selection of leads and collars, grooming products, outerwear and travel accessories.

Caring for your cats

For our feline friends there are beds and carriers, cat bowls and collars and plenty of healthy and tasty treats. A choice of the best toys, play tunnels and teasers will keep your cat entertained all day long.

Small Pet Care

Stock up on straw, wood shavings, bedding and timothy hay for rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, hamsters and gerbils. There are water bottles and feeding bowls, snacks and treats, wooden chews and gnawers, activity wheels and toys.

Fish food and pond care

We sell the Tetra range of foods for pond fish in tubs and larger bags including Mini Pellets, Variety Sticks, Pond Flakes, Koi Sticks and Goldfish Mix. Plus there are pond care products and treatments to keep your water clean and healthy.