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Protecting the Garden Birds This Winter

Winter is upon us and our feathered friends are feeling the chill! But fear not, we’ve got the perfect plan to transform your garden into a birdie paradise. Read our helpful tips to keep birds cosy and well fed throughout the colder months. From clever feeders to stylish nesting boxes and bird baths, we’ve got all the must-have accessories to make your garden the most popular wildlife hangout in town.

1. Bird Feeders: The Hottest Dining Spots

Bird feeders are essential for providing birds with the sustenance they need in winter. Whether you’re a bird enthusiast or a beginner, investing in the right feeders can make a significant difference in supporting your local bird population. We offer a wide range of feeders, including squirrel-proof ones, to keep your seeds safe from unwanted diners.

2. Bird Seed: The Gourmet Delight

Just like us, birds need a balanced diet to stay healthy and active. High-quality bird seed is a must as it provides essential nutrients for our feathered friends. You can choose from a variety of seeds like sunflower hearts, calciworms, mealworms and more to attract different bird species to your garden. Trust us; they’ll be Instagramming their meals in no time. Our standard seed mix is bestselling and great for feeding all year round!

3. Suet and Fat Balls: The Energy Packed Snacks

Suet and fat balls are both excellent sources of energy for birds during the winter, they help birds create a layer of fat to help keep them warm over winter. They help maintain their body temperature and provide much-needed calories. We offer a selection of suet and fat balls to cater to different bird preferences. They’re just like an energy bar, packed with goodness to keep your feathered friends going all winter long.

4. Bird Houses and Nesting Boxes: The Trendy Bird Bungalows

Your garden will be the talk of the avian town with our fancy bird houses and nesting boxes. These designs will provide a safe and stylish place for birds to roost and raise their young. We even have a range you can paint yourself to add your unique touch – it’s like birdie interior design!

5. Bird Baths: The Fancy Spa Retreats

Birds have their beauty routines too and need water for bathing and preening as well as drinking. It’s like a spa day for our feathered friends! We have a choice of bathing options for your bird-friendly garden. They’re particularly useful in summer when water is more sparse. 

6. Pest Control: The Hygiene Squad

Maintaining clean and hygienic feeding stations is crucial for bird health. We have bird feeder brushes and cleaning spray that make it easy to keep your feeders free from pests and contamination. It’s the one thing you never knew you needed until now!

This winter, let’s throw the coolest bird party in town! With our array of stylish bird feeders, gourmet bird seed, energy-packed suet, charming bird houses, and spa-like bird baths, we’re turning your garden into a winter paradise for our feathered pals. So, get ready to host the chicest avian gatherings and pecking order meetings.

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