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Fuchsia and Petunia Event with Volmary's Nigel Johnson

Volmary Event Date:
5th July 2024



We are hosting an exclusive free event with the internationally renowned horticultural company Volmary in our Green Room on 5th July 2024. It’s a chance to find out all about their latest innovative plant breeding and see some of their beautiful new experimental mini petunias and fuchsias.

Volmary’s Nigel Johnson will host the presentation and then open up the floor for a Q&A. He says: “We are passionate about gardening. Since breeding has been in our DNA from the start of our family business, we continue to be focused on creating the very best varieties!”

With headquarters in Muenster, Germany. Volmary has been producing the finest quality seeds and seedlings since 1925. Now in the hands of the third generation, Volmary preserves its independent family values and is proud of combining traditional approaches with fresh new ideas.

Like Barton Grange, Volmary a family-owned business and operates a UK nursery where they grow their quality young plants for customers. Their focus is on producing a wide range of all-season vegetable and herb plants, flowers and perennials to add colour to gardens and balconies throughout the seasons.

Nigel says: “With Volmary you are assured of the best results, which have proven their suitability in professional cultivation. Due to the gained experience of many generations, we grow many varieties ourselves and we take into consideration the wishes of our customers. We also have many rare vegetables and organic varieties in our range.”

Volmary uses state-of-the-art technology in their young plant production. For example, they employ LED lighting and a computerised quality assurance system to ensure consistently high standards. It’s all about achieving the best results for their customers.

The special event is perfect for green-fingered enthusiasts who want to learn more about the processes of plant breeding and growing from the experts.

Volmary’s new stock will also be available for purchase in our outdoor plant area!

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