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Primrose Masterclass with Rudy Raes

Event Dates:
– Tuesday 27th February
– Wednesday 28th February 
– Thursday 29th February 



Internationally renowned Belgian grower Rudy Raes Bloemzaden will be showcasing more than 100 traditional and experimental primrose varieties at our 2024 Primrose Festival. They will also be hosting three special events in our Green Room. It’s a chance to find out all about their innovative new hardy varieties and learn some top growing tips. The company produces and sells Raes flower seeds and young plants from seed and cuttings for professional gardeners and mail order companies.

The nursery says: 

“Since breeding has been in our DNA from the start of our family business in 1927, we keep on being focused on creating the very best varieties! Our company slogan ‘Perfection in selection, selection means perfection’, has been one of our guiding rules in primula breeding since 1991. Our breeding goals such as unique colour and flower shape, extra large flowers, tight flowering schedules and a good garden performance can really make a big difference!”

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