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Mulled Wine Trifle

This showstopping Christmas dessert combines two of our favourite festive treats – mulled wine and trifle. It’s also surprisingly easy to assemble once you have all the ingredients in place.

1 jar Cottage Delight Magical Mulled Wine Jam available in our Farm Shop
2 oranges peeled and sliced in halves
420g sponge swiss roll, sliced
480ml custard
360ml double cream, whipped to soft peaks
500ml mulled wine (either make your own or buy a bottle)
1 packet of raspberry jelly
Mixed berries
Cinnamon to serve


Heat the mulled wine in a pan and add the jelly cubes. Stir until dissolved.

Pour jelly mixture into a small rectangular or square baking tin so it’s roughly 1 inch high. Leave in fridge to set. Slice into squares when set.

To assemble, line the bottom of a trifle bowl with half your cake slices. Press slices halfway up sides of the bowl.

Arrange orange slices around sides of the bowl.

Place half of the jelly squares on top of the cake slices.

Pour over half the custard.

Spoon over half of the Magical Mulled Wine Jam.

Repeat with another layer of cake, oranges, jelly, custard and jam. Cover with clingfilm and chill overnight.

When you’re ready to serve, top with whipped cream, decorate with chilled berries and a dusting of cinnamon.

Recipe courtesy of Cottage Delight.