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Shine a Light on Shade

It’s becoming increasingly common for gardens to become shaded by near-by building and trees. It opens the opportunity to find shade-tolerant plants! We can help you to shine a light on shade!

Transform any shaded area of your outdoor space or garden into a vibrant, flourishing array. With our expert advice, we can help your plants thrive in low-light environments and add beauty and tranquillity to your garden oasis. 

Follow our easy steps:

Know Your Shade...

  1. Choose plants that suit your garden.
  2. Partial shade is 2 to 4 hours of sun a day.
  3. Anything less than 2 hours of sun is deep shade.
Image of a shaded green lawn with shaded borders.

Provide the Best Start...

  1. Plant a metre or more away from trees, shrubs or walls.
  2. Enrich soil with manure and apply mulch to retain moisture.
  3. We recommend Vitax Q4 All Purpose Premium Plant Food.
Image of yellow Q4 all purpose premium plant food on green lawn.

Create Interest...

  1. Use trellis on walls to create height with climbers.
  2. Consider adding seating, statues, mirrors or lighting.
  3. Underplant trees with bulbs in partial shade areas.
Image of purple climbing clematis

If you’re still not sure what to look for we have a wide range of hardy plants we also have a much wider range of plants which can be found on our Plant Finder.



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