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Wild Bird Care

Visit our wild bird care display to discover how you can attract more feathered friends into your garden. We have a lovely range of bird tables and feeders that are decorative as well as practical. Our quality selection of food and treats is suitable for a wide variety of garden birds throughout the year.

Wild Bird Feed

Discover a huge choice of different feeds including nyjer seeds, sunflower hearts, mixed seed mixes and suet treats.

Bird Feeders

Find bird feeders to suit every size of garden plus special models for individual species such as robins and sparrows.

Bird Tables

From small hanging tables to large freestanding multi-function feeding tables, we have got a bird feeding solution for every space.

Nesting Boxes

Provide a safe haven for birds with one of our nesting boxes from top brands including Tom Chambers and Henry Bell.

Bird Baths

A lovely addition to any garden, our decorative bird baths come in a lovely selection of ceramic, iron or hanging designs.