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Our Lemax Collection

Create your own little world of Lemax Christmas treasures.

To show off our popular Lemax Village Collection, we have created a mini wonderland with displays perfect for your mantelpiece, coffee table, window sill or shelves. Here, hundreds of little figures go about their busy lives amongst snowy landscapes, featuring a myriad of miniature homes, municipal buildings, fairground rides and ice rinks. These little bodies are definitely getting into the Christmas spirit!

To help you find what you’re looking for, the correct products easier, divided this section into eight specific categories. 

Below are some of the sets and figurines that can be found in store.

Sights and Sounds

Lighted Buildings


The Sights & Sounds collection, combines visuals,  music, and motion. These are intricately designed scenes that are a sight to behold.

Lighted Buildings add a cosy atmosphere to your Lemax village. They feature special shops and colorful indoor scenes illuminated with lights. 

The handpainted skill that is poured into each Lemax Facade makes them ideal as the focal point of a collection or as standalone decorations.



Adapters & Lighting Systems

Elevate your display to the next level by adding figurines from them Christmas eve shopping to posting letters to Santa!

Add a realistic feel to your Lemax village with trees detailed with snow.

You can modify your Lemax village to being mains powered from batteries. To elivate your display even further you can add lighting systems such as a lit up Christmas tree. 

Backdrops and Landscaping


Take it to the next level with backdrops and landscaping. From a stone path, starry backdrop or fake snow. It’ll set your village apart from the rest. 

Lemax Village Accessories offer distinct and playful additions that set any village apart. From charming snowmen to elegant streetlights, even quirky signs leading to standout features.