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Greeting's Cards and Gift Wrap

Mark any occasion with a finishing touch.

You’ll find a wide selection of greeting’s cards and gift wrapping options for you including a selection of eco-wrap in our Gift Shop. Updated seasonally, you’ll find the perfect addition to any occasion, from birthdays to weddings. Enjoy shopping!

Greeting Cards and Wrapping

Celebrate life’s milestones with our array of inspiring greetings cards at the Gift Shop. From birthdays to weddings, christenings to anniversaries, we’ve got you covered. Complement your gift with our stylish finishing touches, including gift bags, tissue paper, wrap, and ribbon, ensuring your present stands out with elegance.

Gift Bags

Gift bags are a convenient and stylish way to present presents for various occasions. We have different sizes to suit!

Tissue Paper

Used for wrapping fragile items, or adding an elegant touch to gift presentations. Various colours to choose from!

Wrapping Paper

Transform your gift into a beautiful surprise with our rolls of wrapping paper. Updated seasonally so you always have options for the next big occasion!


Our ribbons come in various colors, patterns, and textures to take your gift giving to the next level. Comes in a roll for your convenience with matching bows


Add a special touch to special occasions like birthdays, weddings, or celebrations with our helium foil balloons. 

Gift Wrapping Service

Leave the hassle of wrapping to us with our personalised gift wrapping service. Whatever your purchase, we’ll ensure it’s beautifully presented to give it an extra special touch. Just ask at our till point if you’d like us to help! 

Plant Gift Bags

Enhance your gifting game with our latest addition from Faye’s Favesplant gift bags. Crafted with a waterproof carrier, these bags are not just stylish but also practical. Elevate your living gifts with these versatile additions. Watch Faye’s video to learn more! 

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