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Local Plant Nurseries

Single Stream Recylcing

At Barton Grange, our decision to partner with local nurseries is rooted in our dedication to quality, sustainability, and community support. Our commitment to sourcing plants locally not only ensures the freshest and highest quality products for our customers but also helps sustain local businesses and reduce carbon emissions associated with long-distance transportation.

Our Local Nursery Partners

We are delighted to partner with several esteemed local nurseries, all located within a 50-mile radius of Barton Grange.

Here are some of the nurseries we proudly support:

Ambrose Nursery – Liverpool
Specialises in bedding plants, hanging baskets, and planted containers.

Armlee Nurseries – Clayton-le-Woods
Known for their wide selection of alpines.

Happy Plants – Formby
Offers a variety of bedding plants, planted containers, and hanging baskets.

Lovania Nursery – Tarleton, Preston
Specialises in alpines, perennials, and grasses.

Coxheads Nursery – Whitestake, Preston
Offers bedding plants and perennials.

Two nurseries are also part of the Barton Grange Group:

Brookhouse – Preston
Provides bedding plants, planters, hanging baskets, vegetables and fruit

Garden Centre Plants – Preston
Supplies hardy climbers, perennials,grasses and shrubs and soft fruit bushes

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