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Children's Books and Toys

Entertain the little ones for hours.

 Browse our collection of children’s books and toys in our gift shop and find something extra special in our toy department to enchant children of all ages including traditional wooden toys, creative and craft sets, gardening gifts and cute cuddly toys. We have a large collection of children’s books and puzzles. There is also a range of christening and new arrival gifts.


We stock a delightful range of fictional and educational children’s books, designed to spark imagination and curiosity in young readers.

Baby Celebratory Gifts

View our range of christening gifts in the gift department, displayed in our glass cabinets. From elegant keepsakes to personalised mementos, we have something special for every Christening/Baptism and Naming Ceremony. For assistance, please ask a member of our staff!

Craft Sets

Children’s craft sets offer a wide range of creative activities, from simple coloring and sticker kits for younger kids to more complex projects like jewelry making, model building, and painting sets for older children.

Cuddly Toys

Our cuddly toys now feature a delightful range of cute vegetable themes, from plush carrots with smiling faces to cuddly broccoli and happy peas.

Kids Gardening Gifts

Our Children’s gardening tools range from small hand tools like trowels, rakes, and shovels designed for easy handling by little hands, to colorful watering cans and gloves. Inspire the next greenfingers! 

New Arrival Gifts

From cuddly plush teddies to practical essentials; the range of gifts for new baby arrivals spans from adorable keepsakes to nursery decor. Welcome the little bundle of joy with something special.


Our children’s puzzles come in a delightful array of themes suitable for a mulitude of ages 

Wooden Toys

Our wooden toys come in a diverse range. From classic building blocks and puzzles to pull along toys. Their timeless appeal and durability make them cherished playthings for young children. Foster the creativity and imaginative play.